dats me ~ insanelynuts

I want to say nothing about myself this blog was just created to satisfy my writing hunger pangs . I am not a professional writer nor want to be one just those late night thoughts which are of some reason or no reason I try writing on my blog.My posts may have repetitive content and emotional mistakes because I write out of emotion and not out of perfection. All my life up till 31 years I was confused, illusioned , disillusioned , dis-focused most of time ,focused sometimes, clueless , goalless,engulfed demorional, emotional hyper sensetive in my own dream stories which never will come true still I am here alive living in my bubble. According to me my thoughts, ideas, words and verdicts are out of this world and I met very rare people like who follow same line of thought process . The crux is I am different ,fat,mad sometimes insane person who is always like “I and me are always too deeply in conversation.” with some kind of complicated..uncomplicated silence in and around

“ it’s during nights
like these, the cup
that holds
everything in my
mind, tips over,
and all my thoughts
spill all over the place…called CONFUSEDWATONAME….


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